On January 5, 1898 thirteen people began meeting together in the Concord School House and the Methodist Episocpal Church of Concord, Washington was organized.  The first pastor was Rev. Sargeant.  In 1900 the town of Concord was changed to Clarkston and thus the church was renamed Methodist Episocpal Church of Clarkston.  In January of 1900 the church held their first service in their new building located at Ninth and Sycamore Streets.  The new building had been erected to seat no fewer than 250 people.  In 1905 a parsonage was built next to the church.  The year 1911 brought with it  a church basement that when completed included a kitchen, socal hall, and three classrooms.
From the beginning the Methodist Church served the whole community.  The church bell that was installed in 1903 served not only to summon people to worship but also as the town fire alarm.  The first Boy Scout Troop in Clarkston was sponsored by the Methodist Church.  In November 1924 the church installed a radio, which gave the townspeople a chance to listen to election results for the first time in history.  Since 1994 Clarkston UMC has hosted the Lewiston Clarkston Partners Habitat for Humanity.  A quote from the church history written in 1961 “Always the doors, literally and figuratively, have been open to any who would come, to any who needed help and comfort.  The church hasn’t always waited for them to come in but has gone after them, thus rendering a service to the whole community.”
In the late 1950’s there became a need for a new church building.  Two and a half acres were bought on the corner of Thirteenth Street and Highland Avenue with ground being broken on September 20, 1959.  The first service was held on October 2, 1960 by the Rev. G. Edward Knight.  A parsonage closer to the new church was bought in 1961.  It was soon decided that an addition including a larger kitchen, more classrooms, and a larger fellowship hall was needed.  In 1983 the addition was completed.
Since that time the church has continued to grow as a community and in ministry to the Lewis-Clark Valley and the world.