Day 2: God Gives the Commandments

Story Verse: Exodus 19:18-20; 20:1-21

Memory Verse: Exodus 19:5

Welcome to Day 2 of Vacation Bible School: Rainforest Explorers!

Sidney the Puppet is here to start us off

Now it is time to sing!

Now let’s take an attitude of prayer, whatever that is for you. Now, we pray:

Thank you Lord for this time to be with you and learn about how you are always with us. Thank you for those who are participating with us who we cannot see. Please guide our path this week. Amen

Today we are going to talk about how


Let’s start the learning off with another song:

Thank you for doing the movements with that last song, it’s a great way to do some moving before our story. Now it is time to hear about Moses.

As the story is read, let’s listen closely and hear about how God gave Moses direction.

Now it is time to check in with Megan and Nick!

I wonder what we’ll learn about gravity! Guess we’ll have to check back with Megan and Nick later.

Let’s take a minute to remember what we are learning today:


Now let’s see one way God works in our world

If you have an offering today,  please see the ways you can give:

Let us pray:

God, You promise to Lead the way.

Thank you for Your direction.

Forgive me when I don’t follow Your way.

Thank You for forgiving me when I disobey.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Now it is time to go to our first rotation. Before we do, let’s have a little movement break. We are going to listen to our theme song and remember our theme for today! While you are listening, get up and move! You can do the movements in the video or make up some cool moves of your own.

Storytelling time!

What do you think of this Bible Challenge?

Let’s get crafting!

Welcome to Closing!

What did you learn today?

Today we talked about how God gave Moses- and us- direction.

God loves us and taught us how to love God and others. Now let’s sing!

Let’s check in with Megan and Nick!

Today we learned a lot. Here is a verse that you can remember from today.

Our Bible Memory Verse today is from God’s Holy Word.

This verse talks about how special God’s love is.

This is a great verse for everyone to know by heart and say every day!

Now let’s pray,

Dear God, You promise to lead the way. We can trust You because You love us and give us direction. We give You thanks and praise for Your love and care! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Time to get up and move!

Now it is time to check in with Sidney again.

I hope you had a great Day 2!

Let’s remember


See you tomorrow