Welcome to Clarkston United Methodist Church

We encourage you to look around our website and see what we're about. We are involved in many great ministries in our community and the world. We’d love to have you visit us on Sundays. Christian Education is at 9:00 am and worship begins at 10:30 am (during the school year only-- in the summer, no Christian Education). You can learn more about our ministries on this website or by contacting us.

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Clarkston UMC

1242 Highland Avenue
PO Box 183
Clarkston, WA 99403

You can contact us by phone or email:


Upcoming Events

Come remember the Last Supper with us on Good Friday, March 30. Our children’s drama group S.O.S. will be introducing us to the disciples and serving us communion. We start at 6:30 P.M.

We have a lot in store to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter! Please join us at any or all of the following on April 1:
Early Morning Gathering (8:00 AM)
Breakfast (8:45 AM)
Easter Egg Hunt (9:45 AM))
Worship Gathering (10:30 AM))
Coffee & Snacks (11:30 AM)

Music is a big part of our community, and we currently have a bell choir and a vocal choir. If you are interested in joining either of these musical ministries, please come to the church sanctuary on Tuesdays at 4:00 P.M. for Bell Choir Practice, or at 5:00 P.M. for Chancel Choir Practice.

You don’t want to miss our sermon series right after Resurrection Sunday (Easter)! It’s called “Ask Me Anything,” and it’s your opportunity to put Pastor Cody on the “hot seat!” Got some questions about the Bible, faith, God, or life that have been nagging at you? Well, ask them! You can fill out a slip of paper with your question and submit it at church, OR you can email your questions to the church (umc@clarkston.com), the pastor (staucody72@gmail.com), or try Tweeting him (@codystauffer) or messaging him on Facebook (facebook.com/cody.stauffer) or the church (facebook.com/clarkstonumc). You can also call the church and leave a message (509.758.7551). Every Sunday from April 8 through April 29, Pastor Cody will answer at least one of the questions submitted. Bring on the tough questions– nothing is off limits! Pastor Cody says, “Ask me anything!”

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